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Welcome to Shardz Glass, where glass art is mesmerizing, addicting, and accessible to everyone. My name is Margaret Seaton and I am a passionate glass artist. My journey began with Stained Glass many years ago, but when I discovered the art of "fusing", my heart spoke to me, and I knew there was no turning back. I have taken many courses and studied with amazing experts, honing my technique and creating a unique signature approach that permeates all my work.

At Shardz Glass, I offer fun and easy workshops where you can design and create your own textured art pieces using liquid, crushed, hand-cut, and molten shards of hand-pulled glass. To add that extra touch to your designs, you will have access to many in-studio pre-fired embellishments.

Many people come to our workshops thinking they have no artistic talent, but they leave having had a great time and loving their creations. So come and join us, and let's create some beautiful glass art together!

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